About Giocare

Serving the community since 2011, we are a NYC-licensed developmentally appropriate center-based program offering consistent preschool classes which gently introduce the preschool routine and encourage cognitive, physical, language and social/emotional development. As the name suggests, the program has a particular emphasis on play for young children.

From the Director

Initially, I started this program because of my son, Sal, who has an October birthday. I wanted to enroll him into some kind of program when he was nearly 2 years old, but he didn’t meet the cut-off for any preschool program I checked. I knew he would go to prekindergarten in only 2 years and thought some kind of regular playgroup would be really good for him. I was intrigued by and enamored with the number of parent coop preschools in the neighborhood and started to check them out as their cut-offs were more flexible.

I am not only a mom, but am also an educator. I hold certificates in early childhood and special education and am an early childhood professor. Over the years, I had formed some specific ideas about what I thought was best for children and while the parent co-ops I considered were great in many ways, the rotating of the space and rotation of teacher assistants that was prevalent at the time in parent co-ops was something that left me uneasy especially knowing my son. Professionally, I had always wanted to start a school and given the situation, it seemed like the perfect reason for it. Out of this Giocare was born drawing on what I felt were the most important elements: play, parent involvement, and solid early childhood pedagogy.

I often speak of this program as my “4th child” as it really feels like it. Giocare is not just a job, but the beautiful connection of two things I am extremely passionate about – my children and early childhood.

Giocare is pronounced like “Joh-KAH-reh” and is the Italian verb to play.
[dʒoˈkare] v. be at play; be engaged in playful activity; amuse oneself in a way characteristic of children.

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