School Year

Two Year Olds
To be considered for admission for a 2 year old spot, you can apply online. Once admitted, to secure your spot, you will be asked to send in a nonrefundable deposit or 10% of the tuition cost. There is no application fee. A 5% discount on the deposit amount will be given for Park Slope Parent members and an additional 5% if you sign up for the full year through the summer. A 10% discount will be given on tuition or extended day costs for a sibling (the smaller of the two amounts). Please note that this is not the application to fill out for our 3K or Prek for All program which is a free program through the city. There is a central process for this (see below). 

3K & Prek
We have a 3K and Prek for All contract with the NYC Department of Education. Currently we have 36 Prek spots and 45 3K spots. While we will offer tours, all enrollment is done through the DOE process centrally so we will not make decisions about who is admitted to our program.  Current students get priority and other students are entered into a lottery. You will rank your choices in your order preference. To learn more about prek enrollment visit this page. To learn more about 3K enrollment visit this page

We will also offer early drop off and after school at this location for current students. You can find out more about the 2023-2024 extended hours program by clicking here: Extended Hours 2024-2025

Q & A Session
We have now completed our Q&A sessions for this admissions season. Check back in October for next year.

Our Numbers & Timeline
Generally, we have more 2 year olds apply for spots than we have spots available. Various factors will be used to consider admission – first current siblings or alumni siblings are considered, then new families. The application deadline for the first round of admissions is mid-to late January and notifications occur shortly after. Deposits are due March 1st.

Generally, our current 2 year olds take up 85% of our available 3K spots as preference is given through the DOE system to current students. However, there are still about 5 spots available. For Prek, we tend to have few spots available for new families as our 3K exceed our Prek numbers. The application for 3K and Prek typically come out in January and notifications are sent through DOE in the spring.