2024 SUMMER Program (ages 2-5)
June 24-August 16

Thank you for your interest in our summer program! If you would like to learn more, please read below. You can apply here.

This summer, we look forward to again exploring our Brooklyn neighborhood community. Each year we offer experiences with nature and art along with sprinklers and water play. We will be going to various playgrounds and parks and enjoying the beautiful weather as much as possible. For our older children, we will be having some subways trips to local places such as the Prospect Park Zoo and Botanic Gardens.

Our program will cater to children who are 2 to 5 years of age. We anticipate dividing into eight groups.. Please note that these descriptions are examples and are subject to change based on age-group enrollment. We prioritize outdoor time and focus on being outdoors as much as possible. Fruit and vegetable snacks as well as a healthy lunch will be provided for all children.

  • Bambini, Mimmo & Piccolo (born in 2022 & 2021) – These groups begin the day inside with a consistent morning routine of play, morning circle time and sometimes a small group activity. Then they get to explore a local playground or splash pad mid morning to enjoy the sprinklers. Snack and water is often enjoyed outdoors in the shade. Certain days will be designated for  walking trips  including visiting the Farmers Market in Prospect Park, the Koi Pond in Greenwood Cemetery, The Community Garden and more. These groups will have an outdoor sensory art, music & movement, science/nature explorations and outdoor sport play weekly.
  • Crescente, Medio & Mezzo (born in 2020) – These groups start with a brief morning meeting time and then head right out to the park, playground or splash pad in our neighborhood! Snack and water is enjoyed outdoors in the shade while the children dry off from their sprinkler adventures. Building, art and explorative activities are planned in the late morning which can occur either outdoors or indoors. One day is dedicated each week for this group to do a local walking or travel trip and one day to visit Prospect Park. We’ve ventured to the Botanic Garden or Prospect Park Zoo and Sunset Park to name a couple of favorite places. We will also visit places like the Farmers Market in Prospect Park, the Koi Pond in Greenwood Cemetery and The Community Garden. These groups will have sensory art and exploratory science/nature activities weekly as well as music & movement and outdoor sports!
  • Compagni & Amici (born in 2019) – These groups will meet us each day ready to begin their daily adventure! They will venture to various playgrounds, parks and green spaces around the neighborhood. Snack, lunch and fresh water is enjoyed outdoors on most days in the shade after or before an excursion!  We will frequent Prospect Park and explore what it has offer. Every day is a walking trip for the children including visiting the Farmers Market in Prospect Park, the Koi Pond in Greenwood Cemetery and more. One day this group ventures further and last year’s adventures included visiting the Museum of Natural History and Melody Lanes for a bowling excursion. Children will have sensory and process art, as well as exploratory science/nature specials weekly and Music & Movement and outdoor sports in Prospect Park. After a full day outdoors, we look to bring children in to unwind with focused art and explorative projects and activities.

Our summer program is available for full summer (8 weeks) or by week.
June 24-28
July 1-5 (no programming on July 4)
July 8-12
July 15-19
July 22-26
July 29-August 2
August 5-9
August 12-16

Full Day: 7:45-6pm
Full Summer: $5165
Individual week: $700

School Day: 8:40-3pm
Full Summer: $4382
Individual week: $600

Morning: 8:40-12pm (only available for Bambini, Mimmo & Piccolo)
Full Summer: $3425
Individual week: $485

Early Drop off: $155 per month, $45 per week

Fee Schedule
10% deposits are due April 1st. Remaining balance is paid in 2 installments July 1st and August 1st.


Apply here.