Program Offerings
Giocare Playschool strives to provide a program that works for each child that enters its doors. We use an emergent and responsive approach in the classroom to provide an individualized and appropriate education. Above all, we work toward educating and caring for the whole child and nurturing strengths.

Who We Serve

  • Children 2-years-old by start date up through 5-years-old (end of Prek). We have a 3K program for our 3-year-olds and Prek for All program for our 4-year-olds.
  • We offer options for 2-5 days a week (for 2s only, both 3K and Prek are 5 days a week)
  • We offer mornings, school day, and full day programming (3K and Prek are school days)


  • We currently use a blend of emergent and teacher-planned lessons along with Creative Curriculum for infants/toddlers and twos and Creative Curriculum for preschool children.
  • In Prek for All we also have the NYC Interdisciplinary Units available.
  • We strive to create an approach that is both purposeful and flexible and allows us to meet the individual needs of the children in our program.
  • Assessment methods are authentic as we use the children’s work and behaviors to move our instruction forward.

 Specials & Field Trips

  • We focus most of our walking trips on visiting our local community. Trips have included the fire station, doctor and dentist office, Prospect Park, local flower and pizza shop and various grocery stores.
  • We generally offer several special professionals this year visiting us weekly including an art teacher and sports and games (which happens in the playground).

Parent Involvement

  • We provide daily updates, which include pertinent care information as well as additional school information or pictures (Brightwheel).
  • Weekly, we provide a newsletter that includes more detailed information about the week’s activities and additional pictures. It also includes important upcoming dates.
  • Three times a year we have parent-teacher conferences
  • Monthly we have a parent committee meeting where parents can be informed about the overall program, ask questions and share in decision-making.

Licensing & Ratios

  • We are fully permitted by the NYC Department of Heath & Mental Hygiene.
  • All staff is background checked, fingerprinted and has appropriate trainings and educational background for their position.
  • Our Permit requires a 1:6 ratio of teachers to 2 year olds, 1:7.5 for 3 year olds and 1:9 for 4 year olds. We strive to have a ratio of 1:4 in our youngest class.

 Our Facility

  • Our site is at 552 5th Avenue (corner of 15th Street).
  • We occupy the 2nd floor and lower level of a commercial building.
  • We are permitted for 95 children in the entire facility – 29 upstairs and 66 in the lower level – with an office and reception area.


Please call or email with questions:
Ellen Cerniglia, Ed.D., Director
(ph) 347-827-1372

Jessica Clunn, Assistant Director
(ph) 347-827-1593

Dinelle Deonarine, Assistant Director