Learning Environment

The learning environment is crucial to children’s ability to really immerse themselves in play and something we have thought a lot about. Our programs are currently based in a home setting rather than a commercial setting.

In the summer of 2016, we moved to our new commercial location at 552 5th Avenue (corner of 15th Street). We occupy 2 floors in an elevator building which serves 56 children a day.

Our primary concern is having appropriate materials and appropriate space for the children to explore them and interact with each other. We use space progressively so children have room to move and play in groups and individually. Each area has child-sized tables and chairs, a block/building area, a library area, kitchen area, dramatic play/dress-up section, doll house, sensory table (indoors and outdoors) and an art/writing center. We also have developmentally appropriate pules, games, and manipulatives. All sites walk to the playground daily and twice a day for full day children. When weather is not conducive to outdoor play, children will have access to an indoor mat for movement exercises.